In 2022, I was one of ten participants in the first series of Alone Australia.

10 people were dropped in separate locations in the wild lutruwita (Tasmanian) winter. All we had were 10 basic survival items, and a heap of camera gear to self document our survival journey.

The aim was to survive as long as possible, with no help, no film crew and no idea how anyone else was doing. We were totally, utterly alone. The only way out was by tapping a red button or being medically extracted.

I had to build my own shelter, find my own food and keep myself company on those long cold 14 hour nights on the west coast of Tasmania.

I foraged native plants to keep my energy and vitamins up. I found medicinal plants to treat cuts and scratches. I used wattle leaves to make soap. 

I caught and cooked eels, boiling them to retain every last drop of eely oily goodness and I gagged down every last drop (much to the disgust of the people watching from the comfort of their couches). Giving my body a much needed protein and fat boost.

I took a stance not to trap and kill native mammals as I've spent a career protecting them.

While out there I also had the privilege of witnessing first hand the ecological footprint I have on the earth. Being so connected to the land I could see the impacts I was having everyday. I had to walk further to collect fire wood and forage food.

The experience was truely life changing, living alone with none of the creature comforts of modern life. I now view the world with a new lense, one where every meal is precious and there is no sweeter thing than laughing with friends or a hug from a loved one.

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